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The Networking Group was founded in 1992 at a local deli on Chicago's North Shore by a handful of individuals committed to helping each other build their respective businesses through the exchange of referrals, leads, and business ideas. From this simple start TNG has grown to over a hundred and forty members, each in a unique, non-competitive service or product.  We gather once a month as a group and dozens of times in one-on-one meetings.

The simple concept of helping yourself by helping others has grown to include advanced "Give First" networking techniques, Pay-It-Forward contributions to individuals and groups each month, peer advice on business ideas and marketing, and exposure to resources other members are using in their organizations.  Each month TNG makes a deep and often profound difference in the lives of the members and the future of their businesses.

TNG is Chicago's premier Business Networking Group.

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May 2016:   How would you describe your very best client?

June 2016: How did you get started in your business?

July 2016: Where do you see your company growing in the next year?

August 2016: How can those in the group help you with your biggest problem or challenge you’re facing today?

September 2016: What is the most amazing thing that has happened to you professionally?

October 2016: How can I know if someone I am talking to would be a good client for you?

November 2016: What are you most grateful for?

December 2016: What are the top (2) goals for TNG in 2017?

January 2017: Excluding your family and your business, what are you most passionate about?



Forum Updates

2016 Pay It Forward - Charity Group

Collected: $4,650.00
Goal: $15,000.00



Host TNG Member

2016 Beneficiary

 01 N. Katz   Kirk School
 02 Rocklin  The Ted Fund
 03 Klassman  Friendship Circle of Central Jerusalem
 04 Fersten  Rebecca's Dream
 05 Kleper  Living Kidney Donor Network
 06 Decker  Greater Waukegan Development Corp.
 07 Turley  Community Partners for Affordable Housing
 08 Thoelecke  Needy Family Fund
 09 Kahan  ALS Foundation
 10 Berkley  Pets for Vets 
 11 Singer Center for Enriched Living
 12  Skiba  Josselyn Center







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